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Advanced fluid solutions for the most challenging deepwater environments

M-I SWACO continues to build on an industry-leading reputation for developing the most advanced drilling fluid systems for deep water. Widely recognized as pioneering synthetic-based drilling fluids for deep water, our expertise in fluid-system engineering places us at the forefront of research, development, and execution.

Our fluid systems are capable of accommodating operators in the most challenging deep water basins around the world, and our fluid testing capabilities enable customers to drill in regions with varying discharge specifications, delivering reliable performance with minimal environmental impact.

ULTRADRIL high-performance water-base drilling fluid

ULTRADRIL high-performance water-base drilling fluid provides exceptional drilling performance comparable to synthetic-based alternatives, but with the environmental advantages of aqueous-base systems. ULTRADRIL fluid is uniquely formulated with specially blended agents that deliver a triple-inhibition approach that inhibits the most reactive shales and consistently maintains a stable wellbore while exhibiting high drilling rates, superb hole cleaning and dramatic reductions in clay/gumbo accretion and bit balling.
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PRESSPRO RT software package

Real-time problems require immediate solutions available from the M‑I SWACO PRESSPRO RT software package, which immediately gives you the information you need to mitigate, and even eliminate, critical drilling problems and events that can jeopardize the efficiency and economics of high-cost drilling programs. PRESSPRO RT software uses surface measurements to calculate downhole pressure profiles and fluid properties in real time during drilling, tripping, and other critical operations.
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Drilling in delicate and technically challenging deepwater locations requires advanced technology and people with the knowledge and experience to effectively apply it.
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Drilling fluid systems and associated additives used to reduce NPT in the most demanding applications, including HPHT, deepwater and depleted wells.
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