Extended-Reach Drilling

Solutions and fluid systems designed to accommodate complex extended-reach wells

The M-I SWACO suite of fluid systems for extended reach drilling allows operators to conquer the most challenging and complex extended wellbore trajectories. Our groundbreaking fluids help manage challenges without facing the inevitable compromise between the rheological requirements for barite suspension and hydraulics for well control in ERD environments.

The low rheologies of the new generation technology for ERD systems clear the way for better control and management of ECD critical in extremely narrow margins between the pore and fracture pressure.

WARP fluids technology

The low rheological profile of a WARP fluids technology-enhanced drilling fluid significantly improves hole cleaning by effectively removing any cuttings buildup on the lower side of the hole. In addition, the low rheologies of the new generation technology clear the way for better control and management of ECD by reducing ECD values, while comparatively lower pump pressures also reduce pressure spikes during tripping and running casing.
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I-BOSS wellbore strengthening

I-BOSS wellbore strengthening provides options for enhancing formation strength and stability by building and redistributing latent stresses in and around the wellbore. This geomechanical re-engineering of the apparent rock character can dramatically improve the effective fracture gradient and allow drilling to continue, despite the presence of low-strength formations.
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PRESSPRO RT software package

Real-time problems require immediate solutions available from the M‑I SWACO PRESSPRO RT software package, which immediately gives you the information you need to mitigate, and even eliminate, critical drilling problems and events that can jeopardize the efficiency and economics of high-cost drilling programs. PRESSPRO RT software uses surface measurements to calculate downhole pressure profiles and fluid properties in real time during drilling, tripping, and other critical operations.
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Drilling fluid systems and associated additives used to reduce NPT in the most demanding applications, including HPHT, deepwater and depleted wells.
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