High-Pressure, High-Temperature Drilling

Fluid solutions for stability in high-pressure, high-temperature environments with enhanced well control

M-I SWACO has developed the most advanced drilling fluid systems in the world for high-pressure, high-temperature wells. Our systems for drilling HPHT wells ensure minimal lost circulation and provide well control and stable performance in ultrahigh-temperature wellbores.

Our fluids consistently demonstrate the capacity to minimize lost circulation, excessive ECD, stuck pipe, ballooning, well control, and other issues typically associated with HPHT wellbores.

RHADIANT non-aqueous drilling fluid system

The RHADIANT non-aqueous drilling fluid system is the ultimate extreme-temperature system. Whether circulating or static, the RHADIANT system is the industry’s leading, non-aqueous drilling fluid with the field-proven capacity to maintain stable rheological properties at up to 500 degF (260 degC) bottomhole static temperatures (BHST). The unique formulation and superior characteristics yield ultra-low fluid invasion, clearing the way for trouble-free drilling, tripping, and logging under the most extreme downhole conditions. View the RHADIANT system page.

RHELIANT PLUS drilling fluid system

The flat rheological profile of the RHELIANT PLUS drilling fluid system routinely improves hole cleaning and greatly reduces barite sag, pressure spikes, excessive gel strengths, and a host of other problems caused by the broad range of temperatures and pressures encountered in deepwater drilling. The RHELIANT PLUS system includes consistent rheological properties with thermal stability up to 350 degF (177 degC).
View the RHELIANT PLUS system page.

ENVIROTHERM NT high-temperature water-base drilling fluid system

The ENVIROTHERM NT high-temperature water-base drilling fluid system is a polymer-based, drilling fluid system that optimizes drilling performance in temperatures over 400 degF (204 degC). It maintains its stable properties while drilling and during prolonged static conditions, and is characterized by low and stable rheological properties and low HPHT fluid loss. ENVIROTHERM NT minimizes hole problems and provides shale inhibition and resistance to contamination for extreme conditions of density and temperature. View the ENVIROTHERM NT system page.

PARATHERM drilling fluid system

The PARATHERM drilling fluid system is suitable for applications with narrow hydraulic windows, regardless of the expected bottomhole static temperature (BHST). Field proven in low- temperature (160 degF [71 degC]), narrow-hydraulic window wells, the PARATHERM system also can be used to drill ERD wells. View the PARATHERM system page.

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