Sensitive Environments

Products that carefully balance environmental acceptability and high performance in complex applications

M-I SWACO provides operators the best systems in the industry to provide thermal stability, enhanced gel structure, and consistent performance expectations while meeting drilling needs in the most sensitive environments.

Our systems provide high rates of penetration, low dilution rates, and high levels of contamination tolerance in sensitive downhole environments, including proper applications in narrow hydraulic windows and low temperatures.

PARALAND drilling fluid system

PARALAND high-performance invert-emulsion drilling fluid system consistently exceeds performance expectations with high rates of penetration, low dilution rates and high levels of contamination tolerance. Drilling fluids weights from 7.5 to 16 lb/gal (0.9 to 1.92 kg/L) have been easily achieved with ideal rheological and filtration properties. The system is easily and economically maintained with actual total fluid-cost reductions of as much as 30% below estimate.
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PARATHERM drilling fluid system

The PARATHERM linear-paraffin-base invert-emulsion drilling fluid system is suitable for applications with narrow hydraulic windows, regardless of the expected bottomhole static temperature (BHST). The PARATHERM system provides a fluid with reduced high-shear-rate viscosity compared to conventional systems, providing a direct benefit in reduced total system pressure loss. View the PARATHERM system page.

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