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Solutions for the most demanding unconventional drilling challenges

M-I SWACO is a global innovator in developing safe, cost-effective oil-, water-, and synthetic-base drilling fluids and additives that help customers achieve drilling and environmental goals—and set records—in shale plays worldwide.

Our oil-base and synthetic drilling fluids have become the systems of choice in shale plays. To enhance performance in tight shales, we modify our emulsion packages and other additives specifically to meet local downhole and climatic conditions.

HydraGlyde High-Performance Water-Base Drilling Fluid System

The HydraGlyde system helps operators meet the economic and environmental challenges of shale plays by reducing torque, drag, shale swelling, and dispersion. The water-base system delivers an oil-base mud–comparable rate of penetration (ROP), exceptional hole cleaning, and superb wellbore stability in high-angle build and long-lateral sections.
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KLA-SHIELD enhanced-polymer water-base drilling fluid system

KLA-SHIELD enhanced-polymer water-base drilling fluid system is ideal in areas where environmental guidelines dictate a water-based fluid with hole conditions that demand flexibility. The KLA-SHIELD system delivers a customized approach in the selection and concentration of polyamine additive, a capability that provides a water-base system that is fine-tuned to meet a variety of drilling challenges, including large diameter wellbores, extended-reach applications, and highly reactive shales.
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MEGADRIL drilling fluid system

With its one-drum emulsifier and wetting-agent components, the MEGADRIL drilling fluid system delivers gel strengths that are non-progressive and consistently near the 6-RPM dial reading. The system is thermally stable to 400 degF (204 degC), tolerates an increase in the oil-to-water ratio (OWR) without requiring additions of base oil, and lowers inventory storage requirements where space is at a premium.
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