Wellbore Strengthening and Lost Circulation

Drilling solutions designed to anticipate wellbore issues and fluids that strengthen unstable formations

M-I SWACO continues to lead the way in product innovations that help operators strengthen unstable wellbores, minimize lost circulation, and mitigate other issues that can jeopardize project efficiency and economics.

Our products provide improved hole cleaning, better control, and management of EDC while reducing torque and drag and the risk of hole erosion. Our systems build up formation strength and stability that can be deployed with the use of software programs that provide immediate information needed to eliminate drilling complications.

FybeCarb High-Efficiency Loss-Prevention and Remedial Material

FybeCarb material is a fracture sealing and wellbore strengthening material designed for porous and fractured formations where acid solubility is required and with fracture apertures of up to 1,000 um. The highly efficient formulation helps prevent and cure lost circulation events, increases sealing of problem zones, and reduces the possibility of differential sticking, lost circulation, and torque and drag.
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WARP fluids technology-enhanced drilling fluid

The low rheological profile of a WARP fluids technology-enhanced drilling fluid significantly improves hole cleaning by effectively removing any cuttings buildup on the lower side of the hole. In addition, the low rheologies clear the way for better control and management of ECD by actually reducing ECD values. Comparatively lower pump pressures also reduce pressure spikes during tripping and running casing.
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DRILPLEX drilling fluid system

The water-based chemistry of the DRILPLEX drilling fluid system minimizes environmental problems and related costs, and its capacity to reduce torque and drag also reduces the risks of hole erosion by generating flow that is low to zero across the wellbore. The bentonite/MMO complex of the DRILPLEX system helps deliver an exceptional rheological profile.
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PRESSPRO RT software package

The M-I SWACO PRESSPRO RT software package immediately provides information needed to mitigate, and even eliminate, critical drilling problems and events that can jeopardize the efficiency and economics of high-cost drilling programs. PRESSPRO RT software uses surface measurements to calculate downhole pressure profiles and fluid properties in real time during drilling, tripping, and other critical operations.
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I-BOSS wellbore strengthening

I-BOSS wellbore strengthening provides options for enhancing formation strength and stability by building and redistributing latent stresses in and around the wellbore. This geomechanical re-engineering of the apparent rock character can dramatically improve the effective fracture gradient and allow drilling to continue, despite the presence of low-strength formations.
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