I-BOSS Wellbore Strengthening While Drilling

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Fragile formations demand serious solutions

Wellbore instability and the resulting lost circulation are unquestionably the costliest problems encountered during wellbore construction. Conventional treatments for stemming losses in drilling-induced fractures have not been very successful because they are largely reactionary in nature. The success of these approaches is further limited in difficult circumstances such as

  • drilling mature fields
  • extended-reach wells
  • complex well configurations
  • zones with narrow pore-pressure/fracture-gradient drilling windows
  • deepwater wells when drilling through fragile or depleted zones above the target.

I-BOSS solutions take a unique and proactive approach

The I-BOSS suite of integrated solutions offers a novel way to reduce fluid losses incurred through drilling-induced fractures. This approach actually uses these fractures as part of the strengthening strategy and employs services, chemicals and equipment specifically designed to stabilize and strengthen wellbores while drilling. As a result, operators can construct wellbores in zones with low fracture gradients. This ability significantly reduces drilling costs and non-productive time.

The wellbore strengthening difference prevents fluid losses

I-BOSS wellbore strengthening focuses on avoiding losses and increasing the apparent fracture gradient through a combination of strengthening the wellbore by sealing the fracture and isolating the fracture tip from further elongation and consequent reopening. This stress environment is created in much the same way that one would shore up an arch with a keystone and thus in a similar fashion, the "wedge" generated while fracturing is propped open by particulate or by chemical means and thus creates a strengthened wellbore. Again, by isolating the fracture tip or imparting a degree of "stress" (or both), certain wellbores can be strengthened, allowing drilling to continue without costly losses, potential stuck pipe or sidetrack incidents.

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Field applications of circumferential stress enhancement (stress caging) techniques have shown significant reductions in loss of synthetic-based mud in depleted sands
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