TDDirect Casing-Drilling and Liner-Drilling Technology

Eliminate dedicated casing runs by casing and isolating the formation while drilling

TDDirect casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology delivers a high-quality wellbore by casing and isolating the formation while drilling. Each foot of borehole is drilled and cased off simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate casing or liner runs. When TD is reached, the borehole is ready for cementing. Compared with the performance of conventional drilling systems, TDDirect technology has recorded equal or better on-bottom ROPs and has reduced the time spent on drilling and casing operations by more than 30%.

Proven performance in casing drilling services

Since 1998, TDDirect technology has increased drilling efficiency in a wide range of on- and offshore applications worldwide: more than 1,450 wells, totaling 4 million ft, deeper than 15,500 ft.
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Greater borehole stability and well control

Using casing as a drillstring smears cuttings into the borehole wall, resulting in an action termed the plastering effect. This action strengthens the wellbore while it seals pores in the formation to reduce fluid loss.

TDDirect CD Casing-While-Drilling Service

Drill with casing to TD when running directional or MLWD tools.

Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit

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TDDirect CD Casing-While-Drilling Service

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Strengthen Wellbore Wall

The casing drilling Plastering Effect mechanically strengthens the borehole wall.
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