TDDirect CD Casing-While-Drilling Service

Casing drilling for logging while drilling or directional applications

The TDDirect CD casing-while-drilling service is used with a retrievable BHA when the interval must be logged while drilling or drilled directionally. Conveyed on drillpipe, the service works with any BHA and can be used to drill boreholes that require multiple bit changes, or for applications that require rotary steerable systems (RSS) or MLWD tools.

TDDirect CD Service Saves Apache Energy 7 Rig Days in Australia’s North West Shelf

Casing while drilling finishes 12 1/4-in, 1,054-m horizontal well section in one run. Read case study

Service meets challenges of problematic formations

For directional applications, the retrievable TDDirect CD service uses a steerable BHA, which is compatible with RSS or positive displacement motor (PDM) directional tools. When drilling in depleted or mature fields characterized by lost circulation and wellbore instability, this service offers several key capabilities:

  • consistent casing rotation breaks static friction, allowing even weight-on-bit
  • rotation and high-annular velocity improves borehole cleaning, moving cuttings into the flowstream
  • the plastering effect maximizes borehole strength and stability.

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Well Construction Without Dedicated Casing Runs

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TDDirect casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology delivers a superior wellbore by casing and isolating the formation while drilling.
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Strengthen Wellbore Wall

The casing drilling Plastering Effect mechanically strengthens the borehole wall.
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