abbl Drilling Operations Advisor Service

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Reduce your cost per barrel with enhanced drilling navigation

The abbl service increases drilling efficiency while reducing risks and associated NPT—yielding the best cost per “a bbl” of oil. Situational awareness and advisory capabilities are provided to personnel in real time in the context of current activities. The abbl service calculates the safe operating envelope for drilling operations and provides guidance to the drilling crew so that they can operate at the top end of the safe operating envelope.

abbl Directional Advisor

Increase motor steering consistency and efficiency

Like a navigation system for drilling, the abbl directional advisor provides an integrated driller–directional driller–operator workflow that increases the consistency, efficiency, and transparency of motor steering operations and enables crewing flexibility. Drilling enabled by the abbl directional advisor uses a data-driven approach that guides the drilling crew so that they can operate as efficiently as possible.

Using real-time downhole and surface data, the abbl directional advisor learns the tendencies of the motor assembly to recommend a set of steering instructions that guide the bit along the well plan. This enables more-efficient steering within predetermined operator priorities and constraints.

Enable remote operations

Remote directional drilling operations can be coordinated via steering instructions on the rigsite driller’s screen synchronized with an Internet-accessible directional driller’s interface to specify steering instructions and monitor steering execution. The steering and parameter-setting instructions provided to the driller are formalized and tracked. Compliance and deviations are automatically flagged for the driller as well as the rest of the drilling crew. The abbl directional advisor streamlines the directional drilling process such that one directional driller in a remote operations center can simultaneously direct motor operations on multiple rigs.

Increase operational transparency

The abbl directional advisor improves communication among the entire drilling team by giving each member (drilling engineer, wellsite supervisor, directional driller, driller, etc.), regardless of location, an instantaneous understanding of the hole bottom position, steering performance and the forward plan to reach the next target. Unprecedented transparency is provided into steering operations through the real-time evaluation of actual steering actions and comparison with the directional driller’s steering instructions and software recommendations.

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