Drilling Mud Motors

Positive displacement mud motors that meet the needs of our customers, regardless of drilling challenge.

Our broad portfolio of positive displacement mud motors is designed to meet the challenges of directional drilling regardless of the drilling challenge. Between our PowerPak, TorqForce, or DynaForce families of motors and the ability to engineer application- or basin-specific motors, Schlumberger can provide unique fit-for-purpose solutions that can deliver a step change in drilling performance.


DynaForce High-Performance Drilling Motors

TorqForce Ruggedized Steerable Motor

High-torque system with robust lower end that improves ROP and enables extended run lengths in a variety of drilling applications.

PowerPak Motors

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Efficient Motor Option to Drill High-Dogleg Wells

DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor
The DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor is designed to drill the vertical, curve, and lateral in a single run—eliminating trips and reducing drilling time.
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Integrated Motor Increases Overall Performance in Harsh Conditions

dynaforce dtx tn
The DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor improves drilling performance in harsh drilling environments with its innovative high-torque transmission and drive shaft design.
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