DynaForce High-Performance Drilling Motors

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Greater reliability and reduced cost of service for high-efficiency drilling applications

In the ever increasing, cost-conscious oil and and gas environment, operators recognize the value that downhole drilling motors can deliver to their bottom line. DynaForce motors are offered in a wide variety of motor configurations, bit speeds, flow ranges, and power outputs to suit your needs, including steerable drilling, high-dogleg capabilities, and harsh drilling environments.


DynaForce DTX Thin-Wall Motor

With its innovative high-torque transmission and drive shaft design, the DynaForce DTX motor delivers increased power output and improved steering accuracy in harsh drilling environments.

DynaForce Flex Short Bit-to-Bend Motor

By delivering the vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run, the DynaForce Flex motor delivers superior ROP and further reduces drilling time.

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DynaForce High-Efficiency Positive Displacement Motors
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