DynaForce DTX Thin-Wall Motor

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Integrated motor increases overall performance in harsh conditions

The DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor improves drilling performance in harsh drilling environments with its innovative high-torque transmission and drive shaft design. The thin-wall power section offers increased power output to help you maximize ROP, reduce motor-stall risk, and improve steering accuracy.

Improve reliability with fully integrated motor

The power section and lower end function as one tool for increased reliability and improved performance, especially in hard rock and interbedded formations.

By offering greater power output with its thin-wall power section design, this integrated motor optimizes the balance between stator performance and reliability, even in a wide range of temperatures. The DynaForce DTX motor outperforms conventional motor configurations with its stiffer profile, enabling you to achieve higher torque at the same differential pressure and flow rate.

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