PowerPak Steerable Motors

Motor selection

Standard power is used for kickoffs and nudges in large-diameter holes and for steerable motor operations in tophole and intermediate hole sections.

  • Extra Power (XP) with a high-torque power section ensures superior reliability.
  • Greater Torque (GT) is for drilling with aggressive bits and give maximum ROP.
  • High Speed (HS) is used often in abrasive formations requiring diamond-impregnated drill bits.
  • High Flow (HF) is for the longer pitch on the spiral; applications include polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits in ultrasoft formations where high ROP requires improved hole cleaning.
  • Air Drilling (AD) is for underbalanced applications or when drilling with mist, foam, or aerated mud.
  • Extra Curve (XC) is for drilling curves down to a 65-ft radius and difficult situations requiring the kickoff and turn in soft cement plugs or whipstock faces.
  • Extra Flex (XF) directional capabilities are required in extremely short-radius drilling.