PowerPak ERT Even Rubber Thickness High-Performance Motor

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Higher torque for a smoother toolface

The PowerPak ERT even rubber thickness high-performance motor delivers more than twice the torque output of conventional motors using even rubber power section technology, allowing more of the hydraulic horsepower generated by mud flow to be converted to available bit torque. Higher differential pressures allow using aggressive bits to their full potential, and the higher torque results in a smoother toolface when sliding for more time on bottom drilling, not off-bottom reorienting.

Lower pressure drop per stage of power section

The PowerPak ERT motor is designed to drill faster than conventional power sections. It has a lower pressure drop per stage of power section, making it the most reliable choice for additional demands placed on the power section during performance drilling operations.

Performance and reliability make shoe-to-shoe drilling more feasible than ever before. With a wide range of sizes, this motor represents a step change in performance for most drilling applications.

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