PowerDrive Rotary Steerable Systems

Continuous rotation, smoother boreholes, and constant steering

PowerDrive RSS systems take on every drilling application, from conventional to ultraHT and verticals to Ultra ERD. Full rotational capability, onboard power generation, total fluid flexibility, and nine different configurations provide fast and robust tools to power up positive well outcomes, so you hit your target, minimize stick/slip, and reduce NPT.

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A fully rotating steering system

Full rotation means PowerDrive RSS systems drill faster and enable quicker pulling out of hole to reduce time to production. They are engineered for rugged endurance in harsh applications, and combine reliable measurements and fast downlink configurations with nimble steering options. That means the PowerDrive RSS family delivers well placement so precise that drillers can thread the needle, even in those narrow sweet spots. The result is an easy-to-complete wellbore that minimizes construction time and expense within the pay zone.

PowerDrive Xcel RSS

Provides inertial directional control in deviated sections and senses stick/slip and shock and vibration on three axes to completely monitor downhole drilling for maximum drilling performance.

PowerDrive Orbit RSS

Improves drilling performance, extend applications, and deliver precise wellbore positioning on any rig type worldwide.

PowerDrive vorteX Max RSS

PowerDrive ICE UltraHT RSS

Improve performance in ultraHT wells with a fully rotating RSS that operates normally at 200 degC [392 degF].

PowerDrive Archer High Build Rate RSS

Delivers high-build-rate well profiles that were previously only possible using motors and with the ROP and wellbore quality of a fully rotating RSS.

PowerV Vertical Drilling RSS

Maintains verticality from surface to TD with automatic inclination control.

PowerDrive Xceed Ruggedized RSS

PowerDrive vorteX Powered RSS

Enables high weight on bit with additional torque capacity for improved ROP.  

PowerDrive X6 RSS

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Drill the Curve and the Lateral in One Run

PowerDrive xCL At-Bit Rotary Steerable System
The PowerDrive xCL at-bit rotary steerable system is specifically designed for the Appalachian Basin to enable drilling the curve and lateral in a single run. Visit PowerDrive xCL RSS page

Placing Quality Wells with Less Downtime

PowerDrive Family
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Specially Engineered RSS Drills in Any Environment

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System
A push-the-bit rotary steerable system with improved drilling performance and precise wellbore positioning.
Visit PowerDrive Orbit System page