PowerDrive Archer High Build Rate Rotary Steerable System

Fully rotating rotary steerable system

All PowerDrive Archer external components rotate, improving penetration rates, borehole quality, and hole cleaning and reducing the risk of mechanical or differential sticking.

PowerDrive Archer RSS is a true hybrid of push- and point-the-bit technology. Using the proven control systems of the PowerDrive X6 RSS, the geostationary electronics package rotates a control valve to divert a small percentage of the drilling fluid to energize the internal pads. The pads then push against the inside of the steering sleeve. This articulated sleeve then pivots on the universal joint to point the bit in the desired direction.

PowerDrive Archer RSS is a true hybrid of push- and point-the-bit technology.

This unique action enables PowerDrive Archer RSS to deliver high dogleg severities of up to 18°/100 ft. It also enables the system to perform fast, reliable openhole sidetracks, in any direction, without the need for a cement plug.

How the engineered system is designed

Schlumberger has done extensive modeling and actual horizontal drilling tests at a global drilling center using many different bit and BHA designs to engineer the service for optimum performance.

The IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, optimizes the bits to deliver improved ROP and durability for specific areas and fields.

This has resulted in proven, engineered BHA designs and a range of specially designed bits for PowerDrive Archer RSS. These approved bits and BHAs deliver the best possible combination of ROP, durability, and steering performance.

Fatigue management for reliability in long runs

Through finite element analysis modeling and bending moment analysis on the PowerDrive Archer BHA, a predicted fatigue life for BHA components was produced for aggressive build rates. The PERFORM Toolkit data optimization and analysis software automatically performs this complex fatigue management and enables real-time monitoring in the field.

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Achieve High Build Rates from Any Inclination

PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system
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