PowerDrive vorteX Powered Rotary Steerable System

Greater efficiency during extended runs

The PowerDrive vorteX RSS enables drilling with increased ROP. It maximizes power at the bit to drill longer runs and increases the rig’s operating envelope. Its rotation conditions the hole while drilling and is proven to reduce risk of sticking, casing wear, and drillstring fatigue.

Power section for maximized drilling efficiency

The system’s fully integrated, power section converts mud hydraulic power to mechanical energy. It transmits additional rpm at the bit, maximizing the power to drill hard formation. With the PowerDrive vorteX RSS, energy at the bit is maximized, reducing vibration and drag.

Multiple stabilization options for high-performance directional drilling

The PowerDrive vorteX RSS is compatible with an autosteering feature and hold function to enable drilling tangent or horizontal sections automatically, delivering higher accuracy and ROP. This automatic downhole control means drilling a hold section at a higher ROP and with greater accuracy compared with a conventional-control setup operated from the surface.

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Powered RSS Provides Additional Torque for High ROP

PowerDrive VorteX
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