PowerDrive vorteX Powered Rotary Steerable System

Reduce drag & improve ROP with fully rotating RSS 

The PowerDrive vorteX RSS has an integrated power section that converts mud hydraulic power to additional mechanical power at bit. Because the system rotates at a wide range of drillstring rotation speeds, stick/slip and other damaging vibration modes common to conventional RSS drilling are reduced. All available energy is used to drill the hole efficiently and maximize ROP. Full rotation helps clean and condition the hole, lowering the risk of differential or mechanical sticking.

Improve directional performance & drilling efficiency

To optimize its performance, the PowerDrive vorteX system can be stabilized at any of four locations along its length. This choice of locations makes it easy to tailor the system to suit all directional drilling needs.

Delivering high ROP in hard-rock drilling applications, the RSS bearing package and transmission section are specifically designed for high operating loads, ensuring reliable, consistent performance during runs. The PowerDrive vorteX system has an inclination hold function that allows a tangent or horizontal section to be drilled automatically without intervention from the directional driller.

Increase operating envelope for low-torque rigs

On a rig that lacks the power to rotate the drillstring during conventional directional drilling, the PowerDrive vorteX system increases the rig’s operating envelope, allowing the use of proven RSS techniques to improve directional performance and drilling efficiency.

Powered RSS Provides Additional Torque for High ROP

PowerDrive VorteX
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