PowerDrive vorteX RT Powered Rotary Steerable with Wireless Communicator

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The PowerDrive vorteX RT powered rotary steerable system (RSS) with wireless communicator combines the power of the PowerDrive vorteX RSS with real-time wireless communication of near-bit direction and inclination (D&I) and LWD information above and below the BHA components, enabling accurate trajectory control and reduced time to land on target.

Real-time communication with flexible BHA design

With a completely flexible BHA design, any PowerDrive RSS can be used, depending on drilling conditions. The system has the ability to jump any power section or mechanical BHA component such as third-party reamers.

The electromagnetic induction propagation (IMAG) communication system uses antenna coils to generate and detect an electromagnetic field, allowing a jump over 20 m, and runs in all formations. Real-time gamma ray, resistivity, and neutron density information can be used for geosteering, choosing formation boundaries, and navigating thin beds.

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