OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling
Intelligence Service

Downhole BHA monitoring and drilling performance improvement

Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics with the OptiDrill real-time drilling intelligence service. The service incorporates a rigsite display of integrated downhole and surface data provides actionable information to mitigate risk and increase efficiency. This data is simultaneously interpreted by remote experts, who collaborate with the drilling team to improve performance.

Mitigate risk while drilling shoe to shoe

Using a downhole drilling mechanics and dynamics measurement sub, the OptiDrill service identifies the type and severity of BHA motions and calculates continuous borehole friction factors. With this information, the drilling team can

  • reduce drillstring failures
  • extend the life of cutting structures
  • detect sticking pipe tendencies.

Improve ROP by safely maximizing drilling parameters

The OptiDrill service provides information for the rigsite team to identify the optimal drilling parameters to improve ROP. Simultaneously, the remote experts focus on the interpretation of longer-term trends, identifying performance limiters and anticipating risks. They also share opportunities for process improvement.

Enhance wellbore quality for smooth casing running

Data from the service, integrated with borehole caliper and images from LWD services, is used to evaluate the stability of the borehole throughout the drilling process. Combined with detection of microdoglegs and spiraling from bending-moment data, this information helps you to drill a smooth wellbore for running casing.

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Adapt to Downhole Conditions with Actionable, Real-Time Data

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