OptiLog BHA Dynamics Recorder

Record drilling dynamics and internal temperature measurements

Evaluate drilling system performance with single- or multiple-location measurements of drilling dynamics and internal temperature from the OptiLog recorder. Postrun data can be analyzed to provide input for future well planning.

Use the OptiLog recorder to

  • optimize drilling procedures and practices
  • identify performance limiters
  • evaluate downhole technologies.

Multiple location measurements for in-depth BHA performance analysis

The OptiLog recorder can be placed near the bit and at other points along the drillstring to provide more comprehensive analysis of cutting structure performance and stability in the BHA. By gathering measurements from multiple, critical points in the drillstring, you can validate and calibrate drilling system models with increased accuracy. Based on this comprehensive information, you are better able to optimize BHA design in future wells.

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Postrun Data from the OptiLog Recorder Provides Input for Future Well Planning

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