Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Feb 2017 Operator Drills UltraHPHT Well to TD Without Incident and with Reduced NPT, North Sea High Pressure, High Temperature @balance Speed X2, @balance Speed
Jan 2017 @balance Family of Services Automates Drilling Control, Saves 10 Rig Days and USD 20 Million @balance Services
Apr 2015 Halcón Resources Drills
20,645-ft Horizontal Well at Record Speed in Bakken Shale
Unconventional Resources VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Apr 2015 Managed-Pressure Drilling Eliminates Circulation Loss and Achieves Zero NPT in Wilrich Formation VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Nov 2014 Offshore Malaysia: Total Losses in Subnormal Pressured Wells – Mud Cap Drilling (MCD) with Continuous Annular Injection DAPC
Aug 2014 Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System by @balance Services Enables Completion of Well with Narrow Operating Window in Woodford Shale, Oklahoma HOLD RCD, AutoChoke, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Mar 2014 Automated MPD System: Operator Avoids Hazards While Drilling Narrow Pressure Window in Gulf of Mexico HOLD RCD, DAPC
Mar 2014 Deepest MPD HPHT Well Drilled in Offshore Malaysia High Pressure, High Temperature DAPC
Mar 2014 Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques and VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS Modeling are Utilized to Control Abnormal Pressures While Drilling Fractured Production Zone LPAC , VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Sep 2013 Solving Cyclical Fatigue Forces Across a Weak Formation in an ERD Well Offshore Malaysia Peninsula Deep Water DAPC
Sep 2013 Overcoming a Challenging Narrow Operating Window and Successful Implementation of Automated Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) & Managed Pressure Cementing (MPC) Offshore Malaysia Deep Water DAPC
Jun 2011 Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Real-Time Produced Gas Measurement Using CARBONTRACKER Gas Meter Real-Time Operations CARBON TRACKER
Mar 2011 Operator Extends Development of Mature Deepwater GOM Field and Reduces Drilling Cost Deep Water HOLD RCD, DAPC
Mar 2011 Operator Eliminates Losses while Drilling with Casing and Cementing in Depleted Onshore Field DAPC, HOLD RCD
Mar 2011 Operator Eliminates Trouble Time and Increases Drill Rate with MPD in DW Field Deep Water, Real-Time Operations DAPC
Mar 2011 Operator Increases Drilling Rate and Efficiency In Horizontal Development Project in Gulf of Thailand DAPC, HOLD RCD