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Reliable equipment for pressure management

To fully enclose wellbore circulation in a managed pressure drilling (MPD) system, M-I SWACO offers an industry-leading array of pressure control products. Each hardware component is selected for optimal integration with all levels of control—from automatic to manual.

During the design phase, additional components can be selected to meet high-specification needs such as kick detection, fluid separation, and nitrogen gas generation and injection. M-I SWACO offers flowmeters, mud-gas separators, and other technologies to suit these applications.

MPD Control Systems

Engineered software and specialized hardware provide a range of control options—automatic, semiautomatic, and manual.

Rotating Control Devices

M-I SWACO supports an extensive fleet of rotating control devices used in a variety of applications, including annular fluid containment and pressure management in onshore and offshore drilling environments.

Deepwater Integrated MPD Riser Joint

The integrated MPD riser joint for deepwater MPD comprises the riser gas handling system from Cameron, a Schlumberger company, and the M-I SWACO below-tension-ring rotating control device.

Chokes, Manifolds & Consoles

Our range of drilling chokes, manifolds, and control consoles delivers accurate control of wellbore pressure in multiple configurations to fit the operational environment and parameters.

Gas Flow Measurement System

Highly accurate ultrasonic gas flow measurement technologies measure gas-flow velocity, temperature, and pressure to determine actual and standard volumetric flow as well as mass flow rates.


Advanced degassers are designed to remove virtually all entrained gases—including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen—from drilling fluids.


Mud-gas separators are ideal for use when drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, when sour gas is present, or when drilling with an underbalanced mud column.

Nitrogen Generation Units

Nitrogen gas services and nitrogen generation units offer nitrogen gas generation and injection at selectable flow rates to assure purity for multiphase MPD and underbalanced drilling applications.

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Modular Drilling Choke Technology

VERSA-CHOKE modular drilling choke technology
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HOLD Rotating Control Device
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