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Application-specific designs

Each drilling choke is designed and manufactured for hydrogen sulfide and abrasive fluid applications where kick control, well testing, well cleanup, and other capabilities are required.

AUTOCHOKE pressure-balanced drilling choke

The AUTOCHOKE choke provides automatic and precise high-pressure control at 3,000 psi, 10,000 psi, and 15,000 psi. The choke is ideally suited for pressure-intensive underbalanced and managed pressure drilling (MPD) applications. The choke automatically regulates casing pressure under all conditions, including during mud pump startup or shutdown and when making and breaking drillpipe connections. 

LOW-PRESSURE AUTOCHOKE precision drilling choke console

The LOW-PRESSURE AUTOCHOKE console is engineered for low-surface-pressure MPD and underbalanced drilling up to 1,500 psi. The console provides accurate control of the AUTOCHOKE pressure-balanced drilling choke within a range of ±50 psi. The console enables operators to seamlessly transition between multiple AUTOCHOKE chokes while simultaneously controlling two units. Under normal operation and once the backup devices are charged, both chokes maintain pressure for more than 2 h after loss of rig air and up to 1 h after loss of rig power. 

SUPERCHOKE high-pressure drilling choke control system

The 5,000-psi, 10,000-psi, and 15,000-psi SUPERCHOKE systems are available as single- or dual-choke control units incorporating standard or digital pressure gauges. The system encompasses both the choke design and control console. The single-choke SUPERCHOKE system provides accurate control under even the harshest conditions. The dual-choke system provides a separate valve to regulate chokes from independent hydraulic systems during special applications. Additionally, the dual-choke system offers all the benefits of the single-choke system in the same footprint for greater space efficiency.

ECHOKE electronic remote unit

Ideally suited for cold temperatures and harsh environments, the ECHOKE unit is a remotely operated, electrically actuated, variable-speed version of the SUPERCHOKE system. The reliable unit replaces the large choke console currently required for hydraulic operation. The variable-speed drive and faster open and close speeds of the ECHOKE unit assist in precise choke control and quick response during critical well control situations. Equipped with innovative electronic pressure sensing and transmitting capabilities, the ECHOKE unit has exhibited excellent high-torque performance and zero gear lash.

VERSA-CHOKE modular drilling choke technology

VERSA-CHOKE technology is engineered for advanced well control applications that require a large orifice and functionality within HPHT drilling environments. The technology is available in 5,000-psi, 10,000-psi, and 15,000-psi models and is API rated to temperatures of –20 degF to 350 degF. VERSA-CHOKE technology uses a hydraulic actuator to connect to and control movement of its internal trim components. The technology also features the ability to hot swap the actuator without having to disassemble any internal components.

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AUTOCHOKE pressure-balanced drilling choke
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