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Reliable removal of dangerous gases

M-I SWACO advanced degassers are designed to remove virtually all entrained gases—including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen—from drilling fluids. These degassers reduce the threat of dangerous and costly blowouts caused by recirculating gas-cut mud. 

CD-1400 D-GASSER centrifugal-force degassing unit

The CD-1400 D-GASSER unit is a space-saving solution for removing dangerous entrained gases from drilling fluids. The patented centrifugal force of the CD-1400 D-GASSER unit—as opposed to a conventional vacuum or impact system—acts on the mud and multiplies the force acting on the gas bubbles to increase buoyancy and release, accelerating the bubble-rise velocity. As the bubbles rise toward the surface, they escape the mud and are further broken down by flow turbulence. The gas is discharged at a specified safe distance from the drilling operation while the restored mud is returned to the drilling fluid system. 

CD-1800 D-GASSER low-profile, high-flow centrifugal-force degassing unit

The CD-1800 D-GASSER unit removes entrained gases—including H2S and corrosive oxygen—from drilling fluids in the return flow using a high-speed centrifugal-force system that is more powerful than conventional vacuum or impact systems. The self-contained unit is rig-footprint friendly and eliminates the need for disassembly and reassembly during rig moves. By generating up to 1,800 galUS/min, the CD-1800 D-GASSER unit provides the lowest horsepower-to-galUS/min throughput ratio. This high-flow-rate potential helps meet many deepwater offshore rig requirements for high-volume drilling. 

COMPACT D-GASSER small-footprint vacuum degassing unit

The COMPACT D-GASSER unit removes entrained gases from drilling fluid by exposing the fluid to pressures far below ambient atmospheric pressure. The vacuum-style degasser is mounted in the first compartment downstream of the sand trap and upstream of any centrifugal pumps. The piston-style vacuum pump on the COMPACT D-GASSER unit continuously removes free gas, which can be directed to the flare stack.


The HORIZONTAL D-GASSER unit has performed reliably on hundreds of thousands of wells to remove virtually all entrained gases from drilling fluids. Gas-cut mud is drawn into the tank through a vacuum created by the discharge jet and the pump. The mud is dispersed in a thin layer over the full-length baffle and, as the entrained gas is freed, the mud is recovered by the vacuum pump. The gas is discharged at a specified safe distance from the drilling operation while the restored mud is returned to the drilling fluid system.

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