Rhino Integrated Borehole Enlargement System

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High-quality boreholes and drilling performance

The rugged, precision-engineered Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system comprises a family of hydraulically actuated reamers that save rig time and bring production online faster. Rhino system reamers deliver high-quality, concentric boreholes for close-tolerance and expandable casing programs. They improve drilling performance by reducing the number of trips to underream while drilling and improving wellbore quality.

Custom-designed reamers for challenging environments

Field-proven in more than 6,500 runs and 8 million ft reamed worldwide, Rhino system reamers can be customized for a variety of challenging applications, including

  • deep water
  • extended intervals drilled with rotary steerable systems
  • extended-reach drilling (ERD) 
  • loosely consolidated formations
  • highly abrasive formations.

Rhino system reamers

Rhino XC On-Demand Reamer

Rhino XS2 Full-Cycle Expandable Reamer

Activate and deactivate the reamer via ball drop to enable effective hole cleaning at TD and inside the casing when tripping out of hole.

Rhino XS Hydraulically Expandable Reamer

Enlarge boreholes while drilling with cutter block deployment and ball drop activation.

Rhino RHE Rathole Elimination System

Open ratholes closer to TD and avoid extra rathole cleanout runs.

Rhino system blocks

Cutter Blocks

Drill farther at maximum ROP with premium cutters and optimized cutting structure design.

Stabilizer Blocks

Enlarge boreholes while drilling with cutter block deployment and ball drop activation.

Cement Cleanout Blocks

Reduced risk and increased stability during and after shoe-track drilling.

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