Rhino Integrated Borehole Enlargement System

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Apr 2014 Engineering Center Optimizes Drilling to Save USD 18 Million in Deepwater GOM Well for Shell Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature PowerDrive X6, Rhino, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , i-DRILL
Sep 2013 Rhino XC Reamer Enlarges Deepwater GOM Well in One Trip and 62 Hours Deep Water Rhino XC
May 2013 Rhino XS Underreams First Two-Phase Nitrogen Mud System Well in One Run Rhino XS
Jan 2013 Integrated Drilling System Saves Trip for Noble Energy in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Rhino XC, Rhino XS, Rhino RHE, TeleScope, StethoScope, PowerDrive X6, arcVISION, sonicVISION
Nov 2012 Rhino XC Underreams High-Inclination Well Below MWD Tool Placement Rhino XC
Aug 2012 After 300 Circulating Hours, Rhino XC Reamer Completes North Sea Reaming Operation Rhino XC
Aug 2012 Rhino XC Reamer Records 18 Activation Cycles in North Sea Underreaming Operation Rhino XC