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Higher reamer performance begins with better cutting performance

On a reamer, standard PDC cutters are commonly used in many different conventional drilling applications. When running reamers with these cutters, different material composition can lead to better performance. Improved standard PDC cutters can offer superior resistance and thermal stability, while increasing impact resistance by more than 20%. That is the reason why cutter blocks equipped with FireStorm wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology are ideal for medium-strength formations with low vibration risk.

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Our reamer cutter blocks incorporate the intelligence of unique-geometry cutting elements

For medium- to high-strength formations with a high risk of vibration and where excessive cutter block damage is seen, unique-geometry cutting elements can now be used in reamer cutter blocks to further boost ROP and improve footage. The proved success of the unique-geometry cutting element offers an intelligent solution to challenging reaming applications.

StingBlock Advanced Stabilization Conical Element Cutter Block

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