Rhino RHE Dual-Reamer Rathole Elimination System

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Open ratholes closer to TD and avoid extra rathole cleanout runs

The Rhino RHE rathole elimination system is an integrated dual-reamer drilling system that enlarges the borehole while drilling. A passive near-bit reamer is activated at TD, and the rathole is enlarged while drilling to avoid adding extra time to well construction, eliminating the need for a dedicated rathole cleanout run that can add 24 or more hours to drilling time.

The dual-reamer system comprises a Rhino XS2 full-cycle expandable reamer or Rhino XS hydraulically actuated reamer that is run above MLWD tools, a near-bit Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer, a PowerDrive rotary steerable system, and a customized PDC bit. The system provides on-demand activation of the enlargement system with surface confirmation and offers the ability to work with Schlumberger MLWD real-time data extenders, allowing reamer placement within the MLWD toolstring.

Dual-Reamer System Avoids Rathole Cleanout in Deepwater GOM

The Rhino RHE dual-reamer system enlarged rathole in a deepwater well, eliminating a dedicated rathole cleanout run & saving Noble Energy a 16-hour round trip to surface. Read case study

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Eliminate Dedicated Rathole Cleanout Runs

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