Rhino XS Hydraulically Expandable Reamer

Hydraulic activation

rhino xc tool The Rhino XS hydraulically expandable reamer is primarily used with rotary steerable systems. Reliable hydraulic actuation is provided by the Z-Drive reamer cutter block deployment system. When activated from an activation ball dropped at surface, the Z-Drive system pushes the cutter blocks upward and radially outward to the fully open position, facilitating rapid cutout and ensuring a full-gauge, concentric borehole. When pumping stops, the cutter blocks retract. Dependable retraction of the cutter blocks helps avoid stuck BHAs. Enlarge image

Cuttings evacuation

Integrated jet nozzles and flow paths improve evacuation of cuttings while drilling. The reamer allows full flow through the BHA in both open and closed positions.

System stabilizer

The Rhino system stabilizer uses three abrasion-resistant stabilizer blocks with the Z-Drive reamer cutter block deployment system. When run above the reamer, the stabilizer provides concentric, stable points of contact in the enlarged hole section, increasing lateral support. Tungsten carbide hardfacing and diamond-enhanced inserts are available to provide additional wear resistance.

The stabilizer reduces drillstring vibration, which is increasingly important as well profiles and individual components in modern drillstrings become more complex. Vibration affects the life of downhole tools and surface equipment, slows drilling, and results in irregular boreholes.

rhino system diagram
Enlarge image

Predator cutter blocks

The Rhino XS reamer can be equipped with Predator cutter blocks. The cutter blocks use ONYX PDC cutters, which are more thermally stable and wear- and impact-resistant than conventional PDC cutters.

Cement cleanout blocks

Cement cleanout blocks can be run in tandem with a standard Rhino XS reamer, enabling removal of the cement sheath that forms in the casing ID when drilling out the shoe track. Flow through the reamer activates the cutter blocks.