Rhino XS Hydraulically Expandable Reamer

Date Title Challenge Products
Jun 2017 Offshore Operator Avoids Potential Kick, Improves Depth Control with Real-Time Acoustic Data, Gulf of Mexico SonicScope, arcVISION, PowerDrive X6, Rhino XS
Nov 2016 BP Saves 48 Hours of Rig Time in Complex Underreaming Operation, Offshore Azerbaijan Rhino XS, WELL COMMANDER
Oct 2016 PowerDrive X6 RSS Proves Reliability for Record-Setting 668 Cumulative Pumping Hours arcVISION, Rhino XS, PowerDrive X6, TeleScope, Hydra-Jar AP
Dec 2015 Rhino XS Reamer and Stabilizer Eliminate Additional Downhole Trip Offshore Brazil Rhino XS, Borrox AP, OptiLog
Sep 2014 Engineered BHA Saves Total E&P 8 Days, USD 8 Million off AFE, Offshore Australia Exploration IDEAS, i-DRILL, ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters, SHARC, Borrox AP, Rhino XS, NOVATEC
Jun 2014 BHA with Dual Expandable Reamers Enlarges Hole Section in One Run, Saves 3 Days Rhino XS
Jan 2014 Integrating RSS, Reamer, and PDC Bit Saves 6 Days in Shallow Persian Gulf Formation Directional, PowerDrive Xceed, WELL COMMANDER, Rhino XS
Jun 2013 Engineered Drilling System Successfully Underreams Kazakhstan Well to Save up to Two Runs Rhino XS, PowerV, TeleScope, i-DRILL
May 2013 Rhino XS Underreams First Two-Phase Nitrogen Mud System Well in One Run Rhino XS
Jan 2013 Integrated Drilling System Saves Trip for Noble Energy in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Rhino XC, Rhino XS, Rhino RHE, TeleScope, StethoScope, PowerDrive X6, arcVISION, sonicVISION