Rhino XS2 Full-Cycle Expandable Reamer

Effective hole cleaning at TD with full circulation rates

Rhino XS2 reamer is the newest addition to the Rhino family of borehole enlargement technologies. The tool enables effective hole cleaning with full circulation rates. Additionally, the Rhino XS2 reamer eliminates cuttings from being created when pulling out of hole or performing other borehole enlargement strategies.

Rhino XS2 Reamer Enables Talisman to Circulate for More Than 25 h After Deactivation and Drills to TD

Ball drop option offers flexibility to deactivate reamer in varying hole conditions, extending circulating time and minimizing tool erosion. Read tech report

Broad applications

The Rhino XS2 reamer is ideal for use with rotary steerable systems and is particularly well suited for challenging applications, including

  • extended-reach drilling
  • operations in highly abrasive formation
  • backreaming in loosely consolidated formations
  • underreaming while drilling tight holes, swelling or abrasive formations
  • wells with ECD or casing clearance issues.


Rhino XS2 reamer offers custom reaming solutions, including

  • enlarging a portion of the wellbore
  • cement cleanout
  • expandable stabilization
  • use as a rathole eliminator (Rhino RHE) system upper reamer.

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Explore How the Rhino XS2 Reamer Operates Downhole

Rhino XS2 Full-Cycle Expandable Reamer
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Underreaming Efficiency Proven by 5,000+ Runs

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