Seismic-Guided Drilling Service

3D pore pressure and hazard prediction ahead of the bit while drilling

The seismic-guided drilling (SGD) service uses both surface seismic and LWD data to identify geological and geomechanical complexities with the most accurate model for planning well design and for making adjustments while drilling. By predicting hazards and pore pressure ahead of the bit and establishing a 3D velocity model that quantifies uncertainties and discrepancies between multiple models, the SGD service can have a significant effect on drilling safety and well cost, particularly in deepwater exploration.

Enhanced subsurface definition and improved well placement

Intrinsic to our earth model building workflow is the ability to integrate measurements and data across scales within a time frame that has material benefit to reducing the risk and uncertainty inherent to the E&P process. The SGD Service is an innovative and powerful application of this fast, integrated, and iterative approach; a combination of surface seismic depth imaging and anisotropic velocity modeling workflows with the more traditional inversion and reservoir modeling methods. The result is enhanced subsurface definition and improved well placement. Each SGD implementation is customized to the specific requirements of the operator and the subsurface challenges.

The advent of efficient directional drilling instrumentation has significantly reduced while-drilling uncertainty, but often the inability to reasonably forecast the effect of changes in the a priori information used in the well planning phase can result in unplanned events that ultimately cause significant time and cost overruns. The critical factor is the ability to accurately integrate datasets at different scales in time to correct the well trajectory. The SGD service delivers such functionality by applying in-house cross-disciplinary expertise, advanced tools, measurements, and workflows in a concerted, client-centric manner to provide the driller with actionable, in-time information. The building of a seismic Earth Model done at the pre-drill phase is the core of the SGD Service.

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Mitigating Geomechanical Risk in Deep Water

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