Seismic-Guided Drilling Service

Combining advanced technologies and workflows with multidisciplinary expertise, our petrotechnical experts deliver the actionable information you need to make your best-informed decisions across the E&P lifecycle. We integrate and implement prejob planning, real-time support, innovative technologies, and fully integrate the Schlumberger software platforms to maximize the value of your logging data.

seismicVISION Seismic-While-Drilling Service

Acquire real-time velocity measurements for mud-weight selection and pore pressure prediction.

VSI Versatile Seismic Imager

Improve interpretation with sharp, accurate borehole- and surface-seismic images.

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform

Understand the reservoir stress regime and anisotropy through 3D acoustic measurements made axially, azimuthally, and radially.

SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Realize the benefits of real-time multipole sonic data for advanced risk mitigation, cement evaluation, quantitative formation evaluation, and completion design.

Interpretation Services for Geomechanics

Collaborate with our global network of multidisciplinary petrotechnical experts to integrate geomechanics workflows, processes, and software for enhanced operations and production.

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Mitigating Geomechanical Risk in Deep Water

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