Engineering & Real-Time Analysis

Expertise and leading drilling technologies support every phase of well design, planning, and operations. The scope encompasses offset well analysis and design of the well, BHA, fluids systems, and data acquisition program through to drilling performance monitoring and optimization in real time.

Drilling Performance Services

Increase drilling efficiency, reduce NPT, mitigate risk, and maximize daily footage while maintaining wellbore stability and quality.

Wellbore Quality Services

Well Placement Services

Maximize reservoir contact and improve reservoir productivity with advanced formation evaluation technologies.

Remote Operations for Drilling

Access expert drilling teams for efficient, remote management of drilling operations.

Surface Formation Evaluation Services

Drilling Software

Provide an integrated environment for geoscience and drilling to collaborate, predict and manage pore pressure and wellbore stability, and dynamically simulate all aspects of pressure control.

OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service

optidrill landing
Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling with actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard. Visit OptiDrill service page

Webinar: Introduction to Seafloor Geohazards in Deep Water and Drilling Hazards

Introduction to Seafloor Geohazards in Deep Water and Drilling Hazards Associated with Exploration Around Salt
This webinar focuses on the important step of understanding the geologic origin of various hazards in deep water and around salt by reviewing the geologic origin, characteristics, and behaviors of deepwater hazards and challenges. Watch Webinar