FLAIR Real-time Fluid Logging and Analysis Service

FLAIR data has higher resolution, sensitivity, and repeatability than standard gas logging, enabling quantitative hydrocarbon characterization. With technology that ensures a constant volume in the degassing chamber and sufficient energy to liberate gases properly, more accurate hydrocarbon estimates are obtained, going beyond basic C1–C5 measurements.

Sampling and calibration

The FLEX fluid extractor unit continuously samples mud from the flowline returning from the well. The extracted hydrocarbon fluid is transported to the detector, which is able to analyze the gas from C1 to C8. The FLEX unit heats the drilling mud to a constant temperature and maintains a steady air-to-mud-ratio inside the extraction chamber. These features contribute to a very efficient and repeatable extraction. The constant thermodynamic conditions enable calibration of the extraction efficiency for every component from C1 to C5.

Recycling correction

By placing a second FLEX unit in the pump suction line, the fraction of hydrocarbons recycled with the mud and pumped back into the well is also measured. Correction for recycled gas is only possible because the extraction conditions are the same for both units. The calibration and recycling correction enable the formation fluid composition with respect to the C1–C5 components to be quantitatively determined throughout the drilling of the well.

High-speed chromatographic analysis

To detect and analyze gases at the parts-per-million (or micrograms-per-gram) level, a specially designed mass spectrometer is used as a detector, coupled to a high-speed chromatograph. By using the principle of mass spectrometry, the FLAIR analyzer can detect co-eluting peaks created by the various ion currents that characterize the different components extracted from the mud. This leads to a very short analysis time—85 s for a full chromatographic analysis up to C8 including differentiation of several Cn isomers.

The Facies gas-on-surface interpretation software is a powerful gas data processing package that handles data versus time, processes data for synchronization and correction, and generates a fluid facies log and compositional analysis of various facies.



Achieve Continuous Analysis of Hydrocarbon from Mud

FLAIR Fluid Logging and Analysis in Real Time Service
The FLAIR service provides early quantitative assessment of the composition of potential pay zones while drilling, enabling faster decisions. Download brochure (1.4 MB PDF)

Real-Time Analysis for Early Fluid Identification

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Faster and More Reliable Quantification of Hydrocarbons in Formation Fluid

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