Drilling Performance Services

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Reach TD faster while minimizing risk and costs

A key part of drilling is managing risks in ways that make it possible to achieve high performance in wells and borehole sections where drilling efficiency is the priority. The drillstring and fluids systems must be aligned to well design and downhole conditions. Schlumberger offers a range of services to maximize daily footage and minimize risks.

PetroTechnical Engineering Center Services

Design the optimal well trajectory and use the drillstring and drilling fluid that can execute it most efficiently; reduce well placement uncertainty—in both azimuth and depth—further through our survey optimization services.

Drilling Optimization Services in Real Time

Benefit from recommendations to improve downhole performance in real time based on measurement and analysis of surface parameters or, if you prefer, use our automated drilling systems to dynamically optimize selected processes.

Improve Performance with an Engineered Approach

Reducing Drilling Time
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