PetroTechnical Engineering Center Services

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Collaboration and optimization of drilling systems to efficiently execute your well plan

To target specific drilling challenges, Schlumberger has assembled collocated cross-domain teams from our community of more than 1,000 petrotechnical experts and thousands more wellsite engineers into dedicated PetroTechnical Engineering Centers around the world.

With decades of collective offshore and onshore drilling experience, the teams of experts design and execute operations with drilling and measurement services along with services from Schlumberger companies such as Smith Bits, M-I SWACO, and Geoservices.

The centers use advanced software and technology to engineer drilling fluids and drillstring assemblies for enhanced hole cleaning and wellbore stability, maximizing ROP and daily footage, and minimizing damaging vibrations. Analysis of surge and swab pressures enables suitable tripping schedules to be defined, while survey optimization services help minimize well placement uncertainty.

Drilling Survey Services

Improved wellbore positioning, reduced drilling risks (such as well collisions and the need to sidetrack), and higher drilling efficiency; quality control measures to ensure that the drilling surveys maintain value long after the well is drilled.

Engineered Drillstring Design

Advanced simulations engineer the optimal drilling assembly for any given application, including drillbit designs that account for each element of the BHA.


Powerful suite of programs to evaluate and design wellbore hydraulics under simulated downhole conditions, ensuring effective management of equivalent circulating density (ECD) and equivalent static density (ESD).

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Simulation that Improves Drilling Performance

i-DRILL 3D view
i-DRILL engineered drilling system uses predictive modeling to optimize BHA design and drilling parameters for improved overall performance.
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Saudi Aramco Reaches TD of 25,150-ft Well in 315-degF Drilling Environment

Integrated Planning and Execution Help Deliver First High-Temperature ERD Gas Well for Operator
Using an integrated solution for planning and executing the drilling of this high-temperature extended-reach-drilling well, Saudi Aramco drilled the well without incident despite encounting a maximum circulating temperature of 315 degF. Read case study