IDEAS Integrated Dynamic Design and Analysis Platform

Optimize designs for any application with dynamic modeling system

The IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform provides 4D, time-based simulations that capture the entire drillstring and wellbore geometry to ensure accurate modeling of cutting interface designs for drilling rock and milling metal applications. This dynamic modeling system is a suite of solid mechanics and programs that enable you to see bit-to-rock and mill-to-metal interactions in a virtual environment so you can customize material design in real time. These features qualify the prediction of bit and mill performance while eliminating costly trial-and-error field tests, enabling you to achieve the desired results on the first run.

Replicate realistic drilling performance through detailed simulations

The design process begins by collaborating with you to establish the current baseline performance and the desired goals, which can include drillbit durability, vibration, steerability, or ROP. By incorporating modeling from a full suite of tools such as RSS, motors, turbodrills, mills, and pipe cutters, you can take into account the geometry and weight of all components in the drill string. The data for the cutting interface is obtained from scrape and insert indention tests conducted in our materials mechanics lab, which allows for accurate modeling of cutter types while optimizing new bit and mill designs for specific applications. Furthermore, the models are verified and validated extensively using theoretical calculations, commercial finite element packages, in-house drill rig tests, full-scale rig tests, and field tests with MWD or downhole drilling dynamics sensors.

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BHA Optimization with Custom Drill Bit Increases Average ROP by 19 m/h in Lateral Sections

Chart showing the significant increase in drilling performance for Well 4.
IDEAS platform designs bit to boost performance downhole while drilling with underpowered rig.
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IDEAS Platform
Simulates Full Drillstring

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform
IDEAS platform delivers a true understanding of the the dynamics of the rock-cutter interface for designing and building bits that set high performance standards around the world. Download brochure (0.45 MB PDF)