IDEAS Integrated Dynamic Design and Analysis Platform

Capture mill-to-metal interaction with extensive testing and virtual simulations 

To account for the wide range of materials worldwide, our metal library comprises a broad portfolio of the most common casing and tubular materials. In addition to core samples collected from customers’ fields, the scape and insert indentation tests provided by rock mechanics lab enable the IDEAS integrated design platform to simulate any mill type, ensuring accurate modeling of mill-to-metal interaction. 

The scrape tests are done on metal casing samples to replicate the shearing mechanism from milling. On each test, the exhibited forces on the casing and various depth-of-cut are performed to account for WOB, back rake, and side rake angles. The tests are conducted with forces to simulate overburden pressures that might be encountered in the reservoir. These experiments enable us to build a full spectrum of shearing models that are used in actual mill designs. 

To capture the mill-to-metal interaction, insert indentation tests are performed to measure the loads required to penetrate the metal at various depths. A 3D image is then produced so the volume of metal removed is accurately measured and integrated into the mill designs to develop a realistic model of how the material destroys metal.

BHA Optimization with Custom Drill Bit Increases Average ROP by 19 m/h in Lateral Sections

Chart showing the significant increase in drilling performance for Well 4.
IDEAS platform designs bit to boost performance downhole while drilling with underpowered rig.
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IDEAS Platform
Simulates Full Drillstring

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform
IDEAS platform delivers a true understanding of the the dynamics of the rock-cutter interface for designing and building bits that set high performance standards around the world. Download brochure (0.45 MB PDF)