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Predictive modeling for minimizing vibrations

i-DRILL integrated dynamic system analysis service uses predictive modeling to identify solutions that minimize vibrations and stick/slip during drilling operations, and optimize BHA performance for a given environment. Employing the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform, the i-DRILL drilling system design quantifies the vibrations and ROP for a given drilling system as a function of time. This is accomplished by combining a bit-rock cutting model based on extensive laboratory testing with a finite element analysis of the bit and drillstring.

Simulation of downhole behavior eliminates trial-and-error on the rig

As part of the i-DRILL design process, specially trained engineers simulate the behavior of the bit, as well as each component of the BHA and the drillstring. The engineers evaluate a range of options to reduce harmful vibrations, thus increasing equipment life and minimizing failures, increasing ROP, improving hole condition and directional control, and decreasing overall drilling cost. Various combinations of drillbit options, drilling assembly components, drillstring designs, surface parameters, component placement, and overbalance pressures can be examined. 

Analyzing the dynamics of the drilling assembly through multiple formations of variable compressive strength, dip angle, homogeneity, and anisotropy is feasible, a critical factor in obtaining optimal performance through formation transitions. Virtual testing of new technology and unconventional approaches eliminates the risk and expense of trial-and-error on the rig.

Virtual drilling environment allows integration of data

Using offset well data, surface and downhole measurements, and a thorough knowledge of products and applications, the i-DRILL design process creates a virtual drilling environment. Detailed geometric input parameters and rock mechanics data are also taken into account. Simulating the drilling operation enables evaluation of the root causes of inefficient and damaging BHA behavior. Engineers can then objectively and precisely compare multiple approaches for correcting the problems, using sophisticated dynamic analysis.

i-DRILL design capabilities

  • Identify the true technical limit of performance without risking lost rig time associated with exceeding the limit or inefficiencies resulting from operating too far below the limit.
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips to change BHAs when trying to identify the optimum drilling system configuration to solve a particular drilling problem.
  • Predict the performance of new bit designs.
  • Predict the dynamic behavior of directional BHAs in space and time.
  • Identify weak areas in the drillstring and BHA to help prevent the loss of tools downhole.
  • Minimize harmful lateral, torsional, and axial vibrations, and stick/slip.
  • Balance drillbit and underreamer cutting structure loading to maximize dual-diameter BHA stability.

i-DRILL analyses

The following analyses are available:

  • cause of vibration or failure mode and determination of optimal drilling system
  • bit analysis to identify the design that will yield the highest ROP under stable conditions
  • bit-underreamer balance to determine the combination that will result in the highest ROP under stable conditions 
  • BHA comparison to investigate directional behavior while minimizing vibrations
  • range of weight on bit (WOB) and drillbit revolutions per minute (rpm) for maximum ROP under stable conditions
  • postwell follow-up to determine usage and effectiveness of prewell i-DRILL design recommendations
  • drilling system check to evaluate dynamic behavior and identify issues with vibration, bending moments, and torque
  • bit durability and ROP through different formations.

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i-DRILL 3D View

i-DRILL 3D viewi-DRILL 3D view
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i-DRILL Simulation

i-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Designi-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Designi-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Designi-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Designi-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Design
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