i-DRILL Integrated Dynamic System Analysis Service

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Jan 2016 Integrated BHA Solution Reduces Drilling Time by 18 Days in Vertical Exploration Well, Onshore Indonesia i-DRILL, IDEAS, PowerDrive Xceed, sonicVISION, geoVISION, TeleScope
Sep 2015 LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft Sets Record with Single-Run 4,895-m Horizontal Section, 88.5% Net to Gross GeoSphere, EcoScope, DBOS OnTime, IDEAS, i-DRILL, SHARC, PowerDrive Xceed, Hydra-Jar AP
Sep 2014 Engineered BHA Saves Total E&P 8 Days, USD 8 Million off AFE, Offshore Australia Exploration IDEAS, i-DRILL, ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters, SHARC, Borrox AP, Rhino XS, NOVATEC
Apr 2014 Engineering Center Optimizes Drilling to Save USD 18 Million in Deepwater GOM Well for Shell Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature PowerDrive X6, Rhino, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , i-DRILL
Jan 2014 Integrating RSS, Reamer, and PDC Bit Saves 6 Days in Shallow Persian Gulf Formation Directional, PowerDrive Xceed, WELL COMMANDER, Rhino XS