i-DRILL Integrated Dynamic System Analysis Service

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Industry Articles
Date Title Challenge Products Publication
Jan 2018 High-Temperature Drilling Pushes The Limits PowerDrive Orbit, OptiWell, i-DRILL, IDEAS, StingBlade E&P
May 2017 Integrated Milling, Underreaming Approach Streamlines P&A Operations in the North Sea ProMILL, i-DRILL, WELL COMMANDER, USI Offshore
Apr 2017 Collaborative Well Engineering Delivers Record Horizontal Appraisal in Barents Sea GeoSphere, i-DRILL, PowerDrive Xceed, Petrel, Techlog World Oil
Aug 2013 Drilling Optimization Benchmark Set for Deep HP/HT Wells in Oman High Pressure, High Temperature, Unconventional Resources IDEAS, i-DRILL E&P
Jul 2012 Optimized Drillbit Design Cuts Cost, Time Deep Water Offshore
Feb 2012 Oilfield Horizontal Drilling Technology Used to Degas an Australian Coal Mine Real-Time Operations RADAR, i-DRILL World Oil
Jul 2011 Steel-Body PDC Bit Targets Shale Drilling Unconventional Resources Spear Drilling Contractor
Jun 2011 Peerless Performance Unconventional Resources Spear Oilfield Technology