TVD Survey Optimization Services

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Manage depth uncertainty for every well type

WellDefined services for TVD survey optimization give an accurate picture of where a wellbore is going—at a significantly lower cost compared with other methods. As we push the envelope with LWD technology, tighter TVD tolerances are required to achieve well production objectives. For multilateral or horizontal drilling, TVD survey optimization is critical to minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency with drilling engineering.

Depth uncertainty is the product of many elements, including

  • BHA misalignment
  • mechanically and thermally induced pipe stretch
  • surveying frequency
  • sensor errors.

Correct depths for confidence in LWD data

TVD survey optimization uses high-definition surveying (HDS) methods to make corrections with surface and downhole measurements, ensuring accuracy in LWD measurements and precise agreement with wireline data.

  • Measured Depth—Original wireline and drillpipe depth data can show differences in measured depth, but with proper correction they can agree perfectly.
  • TVD—A continuous inclination surveying method takes measurements to ensure accurate TVD data regardless of sliding, rotating, vertical drilling, or other errors.

TVD survey optimization services provide absolute depth, relative depth, and reproducible depth.

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