Drilling Optimization Services in Real Time

Improve performance by adapting decisions to drilling events as they occur

Maximize the benefits of surface measurements via sophisticated modeling technologies to monitor drilling performance, improving performance through decisions made in real time. Remotely located drilling experts provide additional support 24/7. Further optimize the interaction between the downhole drilling system and the subsurface through independent drilling automation modules available for selected drilling processes.

OptiWell Well Construction Performance Service

The OptiWell well construction performance service monitors and analyzes processes and downhole conditions in real time.

OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service


Mitigate potential risks through calculations of downhole pressure profiles and drilling fluid properties—equivalent static and circulating densities (ESD and ECD)—in real time, using surface measurements.

TrueTest High-Resolution Formation Strength Test Service

SENSU Rig Operations Surveillance and Instrumentation System

Reduce nonproductive time and drill more efficiently using a comprehensive, integrated rig instrumentation system customized for your application.

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OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service

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Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling with actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard. Visit OptiDrill service page