OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling
Intelligence Service

Improve ROP with downhole drilling process feedback

The OptiDrill service's 19-sensor sub provides downhole measurements (forces, pressures & temperatures, rotational speed and vibration) and information about BHA motions and their severity. Downhole data is transmitted to surface, integrated with surface measurements, and displayed on a rigsite drilling dashboard.

Immediately mitigate risk with rigsite display of integrated downhole and surface data

The OptiDrill service creates a status summary of drilling mechanics and dynamics measurements and automatically displays risk mitigation advice on a rigsite drilling dashboard.

This intuitive display uses color-coded indicators, as shown in the example below, improving the decision-making process and increasing the likelihood of drilling shoe to shoe in one bit run.

Rigsite drilling dashboard displays actionable, real-time data from the OptiDrill service for continuous monitoring.

Improve performance with expert while-drilling analysis

Remote experts continuously analyze the real-time data, identifying longer-term trends and anticipating risks. They collaborate with the drilling team and provide recommendations for performance improvement.

Adapt to Downhole Conditions with Actionable, Real-Time Data

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