SENSU Rig Operations Surveillance and Instrumentation System

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Drill smarter with a comprehensive, integrated rig instrumentation system

Featuring digital instrumentation and an advanced driller’s console, the SENSU rig operations surveillance and instrumentation system provides continuous decision-ready rig and drilling information. By reducing NPT and invisible lost time (ILT), the SENSU system enables a cost reduction in daily operations.

Lean deployment at the wellsite

With a reduced footprint and automatic reloading of sensor calibrations, the SENSU system has true start/stop functionality. Noninvasive rig installation and quick configuration enables the rig crew to power up the system and begin real-time monitoring immediately. Data from more than 200 sensors can be processed at 1 Hz—with the ability to acquire data up to 50 Hz—enabling instantaneous event detection, while high-resolution processing enables in-depth trend analysis.

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Automatic rig-state detection

The embedded Schlumberger rig-state engine automatically detects 17 individual rig activities/states, enabling real-time calculation of 18 event metrics, including maintenance measurements for critical rig component parts and operations metrics for critical rig component parts, operations metrics, and real-time KPIs during tripping and drilling operations. The driller can adjust parameters, set alarms, and reset counters in the Live Setting mode while real-time data remains visible.

Identification of invisible lost time 

The rig-state engine enables the SENSU system to identify ILT through real-time data analysis and statistical comparison of activities on a single rig or across a rig fleet. Continuous real-time updates enable an entire rig fleet’s performance to be benchmarked and corrective actions taken, minimizing the time and cost of operations. The SENSU system also provides automated reporting applications, enabling the driller to spend more time focusing on operations and optimizing rig performance and less time on everyday reporting tasks.

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Industry-Recognized Technology

Best Data Management
The SENSU system has been honored as a finalist for the Best Data Management & Application Solution Award by World Oil.