Wellbore Quality Services

Manage pore pressure and mud weight to construct the best possible wellbore

Wellbore Quality Services provide 24/7, real-time surface monitoring and analysis of a range of drilling parameters related to pore pressure, hole cleaning, and wellbore stability. This real-time data is used with predictive models to help

  • identify drilling risks and operational issues early
  • minimize NPT and invisible lost time (ILT)
  • increase drilling efficiency and reduce overall costs.

PreVue Pore Pressure Analysis Service

CLEAR Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Risk Reduction Service

Enhance hole-cleaning effectiveness and monitor borehole stability through accurate measurement and analysis of cuttings recovered from the well.

FLAG Fluid Loss & Gain Detection Service

Detect fluid influx and loss in the wellbore faster and more reliably, enabling prompt intervention to minimize the time necessary for any remedial action.

Drilling Geomechanics Services

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Ensuring a High-Quality Wellbore for Zonal Isolation

Wellbore Assurance
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Early Detection of Wellbore Fluid Loss and Gain

FLAG fluid loss & gain detection service to reduce integrity risks.
See how the FLAG service enables faster and more accurate detection of fluid influx and loss.
Visit FLAG Service page