Well Placement Services

Engineer and execute the optimal well trajectory

Precise well placement improves the long-term and short-term performance of wells. With a combination of advanced measurement technologies and data interpretation from Schlumberger, well placement teams position wells in the best pay zones to maximize hydrocarbon recovery, postpone water production, and extend well life. Geosteering, fracture identification, seismic prediction of hazards and pore pressure all guide drilling to land wells directly on target.

Well planning with 3D mechanical earth models

Experts use a detailed 3D mechanical earth model (MEM) constructed of all available data—including 3D seismic, geophysical logs acquired by wireline and LWD, and drilling event analysis. The developed MEM supports drilling decisions that include well trajectory, casing points, mud window, and potential drilling risks. This model can be continuously updated with real-time data acquired while drilling, like with PeriScope bed boundary mapping service.

Geosteering Services

Strategic adjustment of well trajectory to keep directional wellbores within reservoir sweet spots.

Geostopping Services

Accurate identification of reservoir boundaries to geostop drilling in optimal position.

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Managing Uncertainty in Well Placement

Accurate Well Placement
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